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Dr. Phillip Lee on Lovers Lounge Radio

Dr. Phillip Lee discusses his book, Argument Addiction: When You win, You lose. He discusses how couples move from a very happy relationship to a relationship or marriage that is filled with arguments that are focused on each persons shortcomings. He discusses how those frustrations turn into arguments that become an addiction and how to […]

Relationship Tune-Up

Married psychiatrists Drs. Philip Lee and Diane Rudolph say that just one percent of Americans are completely satisfied in their relationship with their spouse or partner. The 99 percent of Americans who are feeling somewhat dissatisfied with their significant other should use Valentine’s Day to reflect on all the things they love about their mates […]

Long-Distance Relationships

“When people meet and are infatuated with each other, it is generally thought that the initial surge of emotion lasts longer when the couple is separated,” says Dr. Phillip Lee and Dr. Diane Rudolph, the co-heads of Couples Therapy atWeill Cornell Medicine. I may be standing on top of a mountain in New Zealand, 7,000 miles away from my husband, but […]