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Readers Digest Guide to Life

Readers Digest Guide to Life

Wrote or edited the chapters on Cognitive TherapyBehavior Therapy, Insight Oriented Therapy, and Sports Psychology in  The Reader’s Digest Guide To Life.

A guide to fitness that is comprehensive in treatment and overflowing with diagrams, charts, and pictures. Beginning with a series of fitness tests and questionnaires, the book goes on to give readers practical hints and discussions that cover diet and nutrition. Sample menus and calorie charts combine with a discussion of metabolism and eating habits. Other discussions include targeting fitness goals, rating a health club, varying kinds of exercise, and preventing injuries. The last half of the book covers sexuality from puberty to advanced age, contraception, pregnancy and birth, coping with stress, and “treatments and therapies” such as massage, herbalism, meditation, and biofeedback. The index makes the book accessible for reports as well as for self-improvement and ready reference. Barbara Weathers, Duchesne Academy, Houston
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